Just before I started beauty school at Paul Mitchell the school Chicago in 2008 I had come across the movie Yes Man. The Silly comedy starring Jim Carry features a guy who challenges himself to say "Yes" to everything for an entire year. This of course gets him into some awkward and funny situations as well as help him become the best version of himself he can.

Previous to watching this movie I wasn't really the type of person that would really go out of my way for things. I had more of a "If it happens, it happens" type of attitude. But, between watching that movie and being immersed in the Paul Mitchell Schools culture of have a "Say Yes" attitude I figured it couldn't hurt to say yes to as much as I could.What I learned about opportunities in school was that the next opportunity goes to who said yes to the last one. The thing is you have to see the opportunities even when they're not there.

I've taken that lesson with me as I moved forward in my career. I've tried to spot the opportunities before they were really presented to me. I won't lie to you and say I've always wanted to do everything, the point is that I saw I needed to do everything. I haven't always wanted to do every fashion show, but I knew my guests loved hearing about them. I haven't always wanted to work with every guest but I knew that if I gave it my all, they would refer their friends. I haven't wanted to teach every class or go to every city, but I knew that doing so would help at least one more student and lead to me getting more and more chances to do what I wanted to.

I recall one evening after an 11 hour day, I was closing the salon. Tired, hungry, basically ready to go home, eat, and knock out. I had set the alarm, walked out the door, and before I could lock it, the phone starts ringing. I let it ring a few times and decided I couldn't let it go. I ran in, un-set the alarm, answered the phone. It was a new guest that wanted to schedule a $250 smoothing service. She has since become one of our VIP guests spending thousands of dollars a year on her hair. I don't know why I felt I needed to answer that phone, but I'm glad I did.

Maybe if we thought of everything as chances instead of opportunities, we would be better prepared to seize the moment. Take the chance that when the boss says take out the garbage, that when they have something really cool they'll go to you first. Take the chance that when your guest needs to come in early or stay late that by doing so they'll love your service and rave about you to others. When you look at things that way, it makes answering the phone to get another chance to serve make much more sense.