Designed by Hawkeyesmart (cc) All images copyright of their respective owners.

Designed by Hawkeyesmart (cc) All images copyright of their respective owners.


I'm a huge basketball fan, unfortunately my beloved Chicago Bulls didn't make it into the finals this year, but nonetheless I watched. It's interesting to watch a sporting event of any kind when you aren't really interested or rooting for one team or a certain outcome. During this years NBA finals I decided to focus my attention not just on the teams play, but on each team's style and they're remarkably different.


The Heat for the past few seasons have certainly been amongst the loudest in the league. What do I mean by that? They get the most media coverage, and rightfully so for a few reasons; they had won two championships back to back, have some of (and arguably the) best players in the league, and they themselves demanded it.

When this team originally came together they launched a media/fan event to simply celebrate they'd be playing together. They hadn't even played a game and they were already celebrating. Talk about building your own hype. To their credit, they were able to play together and did live up to some of what they said they'd accomplish, but to hype up a "dynasty" before passing out jerseys isn't the best idea.


The Spurs are veterans. Tim Duncan is one of the few players ever, if not the only player, to play for the same team for 17 years and win championships in three decades (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2014). The style of this team could be described as "speak softly but carry a big stick." From the coaching staff to the players, it's about performing, not a performance.

This team was made up of guys that not only know how to win, but have won (as mentioned, in some cases 5 times) and yet, you'd never know it other than the banners in the rafters. The don't go for the flashiest plays or sports center highlights. They worked quietly, and hustled.


The differences in these two teams styles couldn't have been further apart. It's no surprise to me that The Spurs were able to beat The Heat this year. Hype in sports, and in business, only lasts so long. You can claim to be the best, shout it out on social media or in press events, but at the end of the day, its usually the ones that put their heads down, focus, and humbly hustle day in and day out that come out on top in the long run. 

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