How do you get to Oz? you Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road. Now, how do you get your team and yourself to the real life Oz?

The answer is you need a career path that gives people the guidance they need in order to accomplish the goals they have for themselves. Without a path, people burn out and success is only left to the "lucky ones" who were able to persevere. How do you create a career path? Dorothy knew what we needed; Brains, Courage, and Heart.

The Scarecrow needed the brains, which tells us we need to be smart about our business. In order for the team to grow, they need to be able to measure and that’s where numbers come in to play. Stylists and owners can't only be focused on the creative and artistic side of the industry, they must also know the business. looking at retention rate, prebooking percentage, and dollars per guest will give you key indicators of growth. In order to advance, you must know where you are and by setting up true, numerical goals to follow, then growth will be possible.

Tin Man C.png

The Tin man needed a heart, which is exactly what our salons need. The more responsibility people have, the more care and pride they will have. You may be surprised to find that people actually want more responsibility, especially millennials, but it's true. In a career path, there should be encouragement of more responsibility. This could be through becoming part of the education team, part of the hiring process, or part of event planning and marketing. The more responsibility people have, the more ownership and dedication they will have to making sure success happens. Remember, people support what they help create.

The Lion needed courage, which we must have in order to be fearless with what we create. How do we gain this courage? through education! the vast majority of education in the industry is focused on 0 - 1, from knowing nothing to school to getting behind the chair. Then it falls off rapidly. In order to continue to grow courage, you must continue to map the education for your team. What workshops will you support and sponsor? What certifications does your team need? Above all, don’t rely on state minimum ceu's to be your requirement. Without ongoing education,their courage falls apart and they get left behind.

Do not leave your success up to chance. One of the core belefs here at Form + Function is that anything we want to accomplish (function) must be planned and designed to succeed (form).

If Dorothy had a path to get to oz, then you must have one for your stylists to get through their careers. It's time to develop a path for your team to be able to live the successful lifestyles that they dream of.

(hopefully with less flying monkeys)