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Is it just me or is social getting a little boring? I personally just feel everything I follow and discover is feeling really similar. My architecture accounts seem to look the same, my travel accounts literally have some of the same exact places, and my sneaker accounts keep featuring the same new releases. Some overlap is inherent, but nothing right now is hitting me with wild inspiration.


Unfortunately salons, stylist, and hair is following the same path. For years the industry has been really up on creating content to showcase your work, and it has had amazing results. The problem is the vivid, balayages, and fades have all started to blend together and have lost their uniqueness.

The time has come to put your personality back into your online presence. People like your talent, but they love you. You are the piece that makes the salon experience unique, not your technique.

From a business standpoint, here are eight area you can create content to help share your story beyond only the work you do in the salon:

1 - Current Promotions or Features ( No discounts! )

2 - Salon Events

3 - Website features

4 - Your purpose (mission statement) or History

5 - News or Trends

6 - New Products + Services

7 - Awards (or reviews)

8 - Your location


What are you doing to put personality into your content creation? Send your feedback to I'd love to hear from you.

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