FFQA | 055

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March Madness is alive in our salons as they're both on track to have their best months ever! On #FFQA 055 Benjamin Jay shares a bit about why March is performing so strong, plus answers questions on "uh-oh" moments, payroll, pricing, kids marketing, and doing or not doing family's services. Check it out.

0:00  |  March Madness

1:02 |  Q1  |  Can you share an “uh-oh” moment that hurt but didn’t hold you back?

4:27  |  Q2  |  If you only have one stylist that specializes in a lucrative service, should the salon keep their regular pay scale?

5:47  |  Q3  |  I want to do a kids promotion. Our salon currently charges $10 for kids cuts. I want to do something with funky colors and designs as well as normal haircuts.

7:51  |  Q4  |  I have family that says they want to get on my books but keep seeing their current stylists. Should I say something or just ignore it?

9:47 | Q5 | How do you determine your prices for a color correction?