FFQA | Best of 2015

FFQA best of 2015 1080.jpg

On this 2015 recap of #FFQA, we looked at the 5 most watched episodes and took our favorite Q+A from each. Thank you for an amazing year of questions and helping us enhance the life of salon professionals.

#5 | EP27 | When a client loves their cut, but texts you the next day to go shorter, do you charge for it or just suck it up and do it for free?

#4 | EP19 | When using Hashtags, is there an order of what hashtags are the most impactful to gain exposure?

#3 | EP 26 | How do you expand your clientele with people of different cultures?

#2 | EP12 | I really want to open my own salon. Any advice on how to get started?

#1 | EP23 | How do you get your stylists to be less messy? To treat the salon like their own and clean up after themselves?

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