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Big business mind.

Small business heart.



We're here to enhance people's lives. By building people's confidence they're able to have better, more successful lifestyles. Imagine every haircut you've done, every color you've applied, or any marketing campaign you've launched; The ones you were confident in had better results. It's that confidence we want to bottle up and give to every stylist, service provider, and salon owner so that they can live their successful lifestyle dreams.


Our name, Form + Function, comes from the idea that anything we want to do or accomplish (Function) must be planned for and designed (Form) for success. We want you to have a big business mind with systems that can be understood easily, give predictable outcomes, and grow your business. We also want you to have a small business heart and care about your customers, provide for your team, and love your craft. It's the melting pot of these ideas that creates our unique approach.


Why do you do what you do? Why does your company exist?


Knowing numbers influences behavior. "I'm not a numbers person" doesn't fly.


Haircuts are everywhere. It's the experience that draws guests back.


A separate entity within the salon, reservations handles the workflow.


Learning is an ongoing, never ending, development cycle.


The backdrop to everything else, even systems have systems.


Your brand is your reputation, so what do you want to be known for?


"Never bet against passion because passion turns potential into reality."




Education without experience is like celery, it might seem good but there's no substance. That's why our heritage is so important to us. Without our real world success we wouldn't be able to provide ideas and programs for you growth.

In 1980, Richard and Debi Johnson opened The Hair Loft, Ltd. in the Gold Coast neighborhood of Chicago. Little did they know the lasting impact they would make. The salon had grown phenomenally well with a group of friends all working to a common goal, that is until life started to change for many of them. Over the course of three years, seven well-established stylists left creating a void in the salon.

Big things changed in 2008 when Hair Loft moved from it's original location to an all new, modern salon on Huron St. in the River North area of Chicago. This new salon not only had a fresh architectural and interior design but would welcome a change in "how we do things around here" and introduced a systematic approach to developing success.

By 2015 Hair Loft had grown to well over a million dollars in annual revenue and needed more space, so a second location was built, this time in Chicago's West Loop neighborhood. This second, larger facility also features the Form + Function academy where our seminars and workshops are held.